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Mortgage Specialist
Charmaine Howell

1900 Assembly St
Columbia, SC 29201
Fax : 803.739.6097

NMLS #501864

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Mortgage Checklist

Below is a list of items generally required to process a residential mortgage loan:

  • Photo ID for each borrower
  • Current year-to-date pay stubs for each borrower, if applicable
  • Contact person/phone number to verify employment
  • If self-employed, two most recent corporate returns and K-1s
  • Tax returns for past two years W-2’s or 1099’s for past two years
  • Bank statements (all pages) for past two months
  • Investment and or Retirement accounts for past two months
  • Copy of sales contract when available
  • Mortgage account information for any real estate owned
  • Home insurance policy and property tax information for real estate owned
  • Copy of the closing disclosure for any recently sold real estate

Note: In many cases, additional documentation is necessary, particularly for government loans (FHA, VA, and USDA), construction-to-perm loans, and programs designed  for first time home buyers.


Charmaine Howell NMLS #501864
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1900 Assembly Street, Columbia, SC  29201
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